Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction Treatment Centers 1There are many categories that fall under Addiction Treatment Centers. And there are many different types of living environments.

Adult Only Treatment Facilities

Adventure Therapy

Adolescent Only Treatment Facilities

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Brain SPECT Scanning

Co-Ed Treatment Facilities

Drug Rehabilitation

Dual Diagnosis

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Family Programs

Fitness and Nutrition

Gambling Addiction

Addiction Treatment Centers 2

Group Therapy

Holistic Therapies

Individual Therapy

Intensive Therapy

Internet Addiction

Lifetime Aftercare

Medical Detox

Men Only Treatment Facilities

Pain Management

Prescription Drug Rehabilitation

Psychiatric Care

Sex Addiction

Trauma Therapy

Vocational and Life Skills

Women Only Treatment Facilities

Addiction Treatment Centers 3

Minimum stay of 30 days, with opportunities to extend to 90 days based on your needs.

There are even a few that go beyond 90 days for those that need more intensive rehabilitation.

Some accept private pay and insurance.

While most advocate for insurance coverage, they cannot guarantee approval of payment by your insurer.

Generally, payment is required prior to admission.

Some will courtesy-bill the your insurance company, and any insurance reimbursement will go directly to the insured individual.

A Few Recommended Questions 

Are you a 12-Step Program?

Are you a for-profit or a non-profit?

Are you able to give me references?

Are you licensed and accredited?

Can you assist of an intervention is needed?

Do you accept those on medication?

Do you have a Level or Phase System?

Do you offer a free, personal and private consultation?

For adolescents – is accredited education provided?

How large is your facility?

How long has your facility been open?

How long is the program?

May I visit before making a decision?

Once I submit an application, when can someone enter the program?

What communication takes place between the in-patient client and their family?

What is the admissions process?

What is your staff to client ratio?

When does treatment start?

Where are you located and do you have multiple locations?

Who is included on your staff that is licensed?

Addiction Treatment Centers 4

Some programs are nationally recognized for their ongoing research on how to further improve the effectiveness and overall benefits of treatment for substance abuse disorder. This may include evaluations of new strategies to improve the delivery of service to people, increase the motivation of people to participate in treatment, and improve the care of people with substance abuse disorder complicated by other psychiatric disorders or chronic pain problems.

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